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"Alla fine l’importante è accettare che, per quanto ti senta solo, per quanto sia doloroso, con l’aiuto di chi ti è vicino, ce la potrai fare!"

"l'aiuto di chi ti è vicino" io lo intendo con l'aiuto delle tue serie preferite

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The actors played two detectives in 1995, as they investigate a string of murders, and in the modern-day, as they’re interviewed about a similar crime. The role requires each to play their characters about 17 years apart. How did they switch from playing young men to middle-aged ones?

HARRELSON: I just took off my wig.
McCONAUGHEY: I just put on my wig.


Harry Potter characters objects

I don’t know what you guys are so worried about. Cooking is easy. You just follow the recipe. If it says boil two cups of salt, you boil two cups of salt.

the office meme: 3/7 scenes
"Stanley just drank OJ out of my mug, and didn’t seem to realize that it wasn’t his hot coffee. So the question has to be asked, is there no limit to what he won’t notice?"